Bible Study: Faith Pt. 1

Hey friends!!!

We have EMBARKED on our FAITH series! Here are the two instances we studied:

1. The Centurion who pleaded with Jesus to heal his servant (Mark 8, Luke 7)
2. Blind Bartimaeus, the beggar who received his sight (Mark 10)

In both instances, we see two different types of faith, but AMAZING faith nonetheless!


The Centurion

Luke 7:1-10

In the story of the Centurion, he pleaded with Jesus to heal his servant, but in Luke, we see how He had sent first the elders of the Jews, then his own friends, to plead with Jesus.

While this may seem LAZY of him and almost as if lacking in sincerity, we see that IN FACT, THIS CENTURION HAD GREAT FAITH, because he believed in the POWER AND AUTHORITY of Jesus. He told Jesus that Jesus needn’t step into his house, but to just speak the word, and that his servant, from a distance, would receive HEALING.

Jesus MARVELED at his faith, a faith BEYOND DISTANCE, and a revelation of the POWER OF JESUS.

Similarly, for us, we can have this faith, a faith built in knowing that your Lord is more than ABLE to give you what you need. It’s like knowing the strength of a trampoline. If you know it can take your weight and probably much more, you won’t hesitate to JUMP and FLIP.


Blind Bartimaeus

Mark 10:46-52

In Blind Bartimaeus’ case, we see how as he HEARD about Jesus approaching, he immediately started shouting to gain the attention of Jesus.

When he did, Jesus asked “what do you want me to do?” in this way, we see how Jesus is out BLANK CHEQUE, that whenever we call on Him, He is whatever we need. Healing? Wisdom? Time? He is exactly that. All you  have to do is it fill in that blank.

For Bartimaeus, Jesus was his sight. He asked boldly from Jesus for his sight, and he received it! What was amazing was that all the time as he was asking for his miracle, there was a crowd who “warned” him to shut up, to not call for the attention of Jesus.

Despite the surrounding “negativity”, Bartimaeus held on to his faith that Jesus was the ticket to his healing. If you think about it, that was probably his disability, immobilised due to his blindness, to always be in the same place, hearing about the miracles and wonders of Jesus, that made him believe in the first place.

Even though his physical eyes were closed, his spiritual eyes were open.

He had a steadfast faith, from listening to what was edifying and of Jesus and His miracles, and tuning out the naysayers and the condemnation.

And that’s exactly what we should listen towards as well, a faith that is STEADFAST, and not swayed by the world. Because we may be in the world, but we are not OF it.

And that’s it friends!!! Remember, have BOLD FAITH and STEADFAST FAITH amen?

Stay Blessed!


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