Bible Study: Matthew 9

Hey friends! Here’s a small sharing on Matthew 9!

PASSAGE MATTHEW 9 (Here’s a good time for you to go read it first, then come back to the this!)

We’ll start with the MAIN POINT (verses 18-31)

Here, in verse 18-29, records 3 miracles of healing in succession:
1. Jairus’ daughter raised from the dead
2. The lady with the issue of blood healed after touching Jesus’ garment
3. 2 blind men given sight

What we first saw that was really cool: that AS Jesus was travelling to Jairus’ house to heal Jairus’ dying daughter, it didn’t make Jesus unable to heal the lady as well!(He was on the way to Jairus’ house when the lady touched His garment. So similarly in our situation, we don’t have to “wait” for others to get their miracle before we can get ours, and Jesus is NEVER TOO BUSY for you and your needs!!!


IN VERSE 30, Jesus tells the two blind men who received sight to not to tell everyone about it. (But they did BUT WHATS NEW IN EVERYONE_DOESNT_LISTEN_TO_JESUS.DOCX <- pretty much sums up the gospel sometimes hahaha)

We were thinking, WHY did Jesus not want them to tell the world of His miracles????

If you look at the 3 miracles, they all had a recurring theme: FAITH THAT THEY WOULD BE HEALED.

1. Jairus: “lay your hand on her and she will live”
2. Lady: “if only i may touch His garment, I shall be made well.”
3. When Jesus asked if they thought that Jesus was able to heal them, blind men: “yes Lord”

WE READ ABOUT THEIR FAITH, even before Jesus had done ANYTHING. And because of that, it is said that “your faith has made you well.”

WHY Jesus didn’t want them to tell the world about their miracle is that He didn’t want them to focus on the miracle, but on the FAITH exercised. Believe in the Saviour, not the healing. In the verse before (verse 5) Jesus asked, is it easier to say your sins are forgiven you, or to say arise and walk?

Of course, when there is a physical and tangible change, we can SEE it, and therefore we believe.

But Jesus doesn’t want you to miss out on the privilege of FAITH and believing without seeing. Obviously Jesus SEES that that’s much more important than ACTUAL SEEING then believing. So if you’re SEEING things that don’t seem all that right, then have FAITH in what cannot be seen!

Be blessed! 😀


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